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Our unique training program prepares
high potential candidates for the role
of SDR / BDR

Zohort’s candidates go through a rigorous course in sales, equipping them with all the needed skills to hit the ground running. As the training is specialized in the field of tech sales, it helps companies reduce onboarding and training time when hiring our grads. Our training and extended support post-placement build confident sales professionals who not only take on the challenges of a tech sales role but also perform better.

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Zohort Benefits

Hire candidates with the right skill set

Reduce training and onboarding time

Get better ROI through right-fit employees

Reduce employee turnover rate for SDR team

Here is why companies love to
hire from us

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Hiring from Zohort has helped us to scale our Sales Development much faster than expected. Zohort Grads are trained well on all fundamentals of SaaS Terminologies and Sales method. We have already hired four SDRs who are performing really well. And, we are looking to hire more.

Vivek Swaminathan

Head of Strategy,

With Zohort we have been able to hire SDRs who are better trained and skilled at selling, especially SaaS solutions . Zohort meticulously matched candidates with our hiring criteria, thus making the entire interview and hiring process very smooth and productive. Zohort grads have been performing well at Zomentum

Ankit Dhingra

Chief of Staff, Zomentum

The partnership with Zohort has been an excellent one. The team understood the challenges as we are looking to scale our Sales Development function. The quality of the candidates interviewed and onboarded helped us reduce hiring and onboarding time by more than 50%.

Pratik Gupta

Founding Member,

Here is how we are different from
any other recruiter

Recruiters Zohort

    Candidate pool

Limited number of ready candidates
Pipeline full of trained candidates

    Job-ready candidates

Only sourcing, no validation
Fully vetted and accessed candidates

    Quality Screening

Not training at all
Vetted by industry experts

    Post-placement support

No support given
Mentorship program to build successful SDRs

The Zohort Advantage

Recruiters Zohort
Candidate pool
A time-consuming process with a limited number of candidates in the pool.
A pipeline of a batch full of trained candidates fortnightly.
Job-ready candidates
Their pipeline will include multiple applications that may or may not have the right experience or training.
Zohort's candidates go through rigorous training and are ready to sell!
Quality Screening
Candidates have a wide variety of training and expertise - not specific to sales roles - affecting the quality of the candidate pool.
Zohort's grads are specifically trained for sales and BDR roles with intense training and mentorship ultimately improving the overall quality of the candidate pool.
No post-placement support for candidates or the company.
Post-placement support for the candidates and long term-relationship with companies to enable scalable sales departments.
Swift screening and interview process
Recruiters do not personally invest in the candidates and are highly likely to miss out on candidate drop-outs and no shows making it a time-consuming and troublesome process.
Zohort partners with the company on candidate management throughout the process and helps manage candidate matching, shortlisting, drop-outs and replacements for a swift selection and onboarding.

Onboard the right SDR, build that dream team