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Zohort Launch Pad provides content-only access for self-paced learning, while Zohort Mentor Plus includes mentor support for interactive and personalized guidance.

No, we do not provide job guarantees. However, successful completion of our courses can enhance your qualifications and make you eligible for entry-level sales positions, such as Sales Development Representative (SDR).

The duration varies depending on the courses you choose and your individual pace of learning. You have the flexibility to complete courses at your own speed.

To enroll in our courses, simply visit our website, browse the course catalog, and select the courses that suit your needs. You can start learning immediately after enrollment.

Yes, upon successfully completing each course, you will receive a certificate of achievement, which can be a valuable addition to your resume when pursuing sales positions.

For any questions or assistance, you can drop in an email on info@zohort.com. We’re here to help you succeed in your B2B sales journey.

There are no strict prerequisites, but a strong interest in B2B sales, good verbal & written communication skills, sales acumen and a willingness to learn are recommended. Our courses are designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience.

It is applicable for 2019 or later graduates and/or for candidates with less than 5 LPA CTC.

No, we do not provide refunds once a candidate has enrolled in one of our training programs. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality education and support your growth journey.

We encourage you to go through our free course, which provides valuable insights into the SaaS industry, the B2B sales profile, and the growth opportunities it offers. This free course allows you to explore the content and understand the learning experience before making any financial commitment.

Outstanding students who excel in assignments have the opportunity to receive support for interview preparation and gain access to our job board for potential hiring opportunities.

Yes, indeed! Zohort offers a range of valuable free learning resources to help you on your career journey. These resources include:

  • B2B SaaS Unveiled 
  • Expert Talks by Zohort 
  • Mock Interviews – Best Practices and Guidelines