strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

5 strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

In this fast-paced world, the average person receives more than 100 emails daily, as per statistics. But, only 20-40% of emails are opened by the recipient. Emails are still the most suitable medium for staying in touch with customers, following up, and pitching to new leads. In sales, one has to ensure that the emails sent are of a higher standard for them to be opened and read by the prospect. Let’s look at 5 strategies to help you create high-converting sales emails. 

Why emails are still relevant in sales

Various media are available for communication, but emails continue to dominate besides calls. There are several reasons for this. Here’s a list of some of them.


It’s undeniable that the number one reason emails are still popular is due to their convenience. It’s effortless to send and write emails. Even when a mass email campaign has to be organized, automation makes it very easy to manage the entire process smoothly without much hassle.

Less intrusion

Emails are a better way to increase engagement and reach than calls. Calling leads for conversion is slightly more intrusive and doesn’t respect your leads’ schedule as much. But with emails, the prospect has the option to view them whenever free, thereby increasing the chances of responding positively. These also help reach out to new leads far more quickly than with calls.


Another reason emails are so effective is the ease of access. All one needs to view an email is an internet connection. Unlike SMS, it can be viewed from any device and is free to respond to. 

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Techniques to write high-conversion emails

Keep it brief

This is the most fundamental parameter one has to hit to get the prospect to read in the first place. A long email is frustrating for the recipient and is highly unlikely to get conversions. So, include all necessary data and text in the shortest possible format. However, focus on including all the necessary information so that nothing gets left out. The more concise and easy-to-read your email is, the better.

Open with a great line.

The opening line of an email is your best shot at grabbing the prospect’s attention. So, a witty one-liner or something that creates intrigue, urgency, or excitement is preferable. Even if your opening line has none of these inclusions but is straightforward and relevant to the prospect’s needs, there’s still a great chance of getting a click. Look at popular templates before framing your subject line. While taking references is the right thing to do, sticking to a formula or lacking creativity in email writing can sink your click rates.

Personalization is key

Personalization is your holy grail when it comes to writing great sales emails. That’s because targeted messages always perform better than general ones. In fact, you could be risking sounding vague if your prospect emails are not personalized. In this busy world, the only way to get people’s attention is to describe how our product is helpful for them and why they should listen to us. 

From t-shirts to electronics, everything has a customization angle added to it these days. Hence, there’s no reason to exempt your emails from following this trend. The more personalized an email is, the more purposeful it looks. There’s nearly zero possibility of emails landing in spam folders if tailored specifically to suit your prospects’ backgrounds. 

Keep things organized

The posters for ads are created to lead the eye directly to the discount. All necessary information is displayed in the most convenient way for the reader’s eye. This strategy is not very different from the strategy required to write a high-converting sales email. Keeping things well-organized using bullet points and highlighting necessary statistics or numbers is a good idea. Organized and well-thought-out emails are no trouble to read through and look effortless. All these characteristics will prove to be helpful for their reach.

Use graphics to your advantage.

Graphics can communicate exactly what you wish without requiring long paragraphs. Including relatable or funny graphics relevant to your email’s subject is a great way to get the prospect’s attention. Use memes, images, GIFs, or any other graphical tool that works well with your cause. 

This is an easy but effective way to make your emails stand out and look ultra-personalized. Anything that leads to a CTA is also beneficial. Incorporating quirky and humorous elements is almost always a hit, especially with gen-z and millennial audiences.


Writing interesting sales emails should be easy if you keep the above pointers in mind. The recipe for creating the perfect email pitch is to tailor it to fit the target audience and avoid jargon or unnecessary information. Incorporating these strategies will spike up your conversion rates, without a doubt.

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