Tech sales

B2B tech sales challenges

How to overcome common B2B tech sales challenges?

B2B tech sales or Business to Business sales have become prominent with time. It trades between two businesses, the one serving and the one having the service. This is in contrast to the Business Consumer or B2C services. With the … Read More

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Crack an interview for software sales

How to crack an interview for software sales?

Interview questions for software sales positions frequently cover various topics, and for a good reason. The world of software sales has several facets. Additionally, a successful career in the sector necessitates various abilities, a particular mindset, a desire to learn, … Read More

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Regular day for SDR

What does a regular day for SDR look like? 

One of the hardest but most enjoyable jobs out there is becoming a sales development representative (SDR). SDRs are in charge of educating potential customers about a company’s goods and services. They are responsible for engaging and conversing with these … Read More

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career in tech sales

5 Reasons why you should choose your career in tech sales.

A career in tech sales is a terrific way to get involved and earn a good livelihood. Along with being one of the fastest career pathways to a six-figure wage, the tech and software sales industry is experiencing substantial job … Read More

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