Tech sales

research is a game changer

Why research is a game changer in b2b sales

Before you encounter a potential customer and start leading them down the conversion funnel, your knowledge about the product and the prospect will determine the closure of a deal. Researching the specifics makes you more prepared for discovery calls or … Read More

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Lost Deals that can help you evolve

Key takeaways from lost deals that can help you evolve

All our efforts don’t end in positive outcomes. Sometimes milestones not attained and targets not met can teach you more about sales than the deals closed in a good quarter. Learning lessons and noting points from the deals that didn’t … Read More

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Spot Deal Risks

How to Spot Deal Risks in Your Pipeline And Boost Efficiency

The sales pipeline is a visible roadmap of your team’s success rate. Team meetings that discuss strategy and development help, but sometimes it’s challenging to get the whole picture. Reliable and relevant data is the only answer to confusion and … Read More

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strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

5 strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

In this fast-paced world, the average person receives more than 100 emails daily, as per statistics. But, only 20-40% of emails are opened by the recipient. Emails are still the most suitable medium for staying in touch with customers, following … Read More

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5 soft skills every SDR needs to have

5 soft skills every SDR needs to have

In a data-driven world, it’s easy to forget that we sell to humans, not bots. If the buyer is a human, then the selling process also has to be humanized to include the elements of emotions. If a pitch lacks … Read More

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5 follow-up techniques

5 Follow-up Techniques For Maximum Results In 2023

Reaching out to prospects and pitching an idea is pretty intimidating, but what’s even more challenging is the follow-up process. Why? Well, because it involves a lot of parameters, and hitting the right balance between them is key. Plus, the … Read More

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5 Characteristics That All Top SDRs Have

Selling is an art, as many say, but to master it, one must pay close attention to the science behind it. SDRs or Sales Development Representatives need to know several tactics for selling and sharpen their skills with every deal … Read More

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Cold Calling

Cold Calling- Still the Most Important Channel

With the evolution of technology, the way people strategize their businesses has also transformed. New startups and business executives find cold calling no longer relevant for their marketing campaigns. But due to its numerous beneficial properties, cold calling has consistently … Read More

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SDR Profile

     Growth of an SDR Profile 

One of the most sought-after careers nowadays is an SDR because people believe that the future lies in Tech Sales. A Sales Development Representative is a B2B sales rep whose job is outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. As inside sales … Read More

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ABC of tech sales

         The ABC of Tech Sales 

The culmination of Tech Sales has brought significant changes in the lives of the masses. Terms like CRM, convertible leads, inbound and outbound marketing, etc., are known only by a few, but people are interested in learning these B2B-related concepts. … Read More

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