Sales brew by zohort

Sales Brew By Zohort: Critical Sales Insights From Prateek Dhingra

Welcome readers to yet another addition in the series of Sales Brew by Zohort, where we talk about the experience of the best in sales and gain relevant takeaways from them. Sales Brew aims to debunk some myths associated with … Read More

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discovery call

7 steps to acing a discovery call

A discovery call essentially covers all the necessary data required to further the prospect’s conversion funnel position. It won’t be unfair to say that discovery calls play a crucial role in setting the stage for the product demo. That’s because … Read More

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strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

5 strategies for writing high-converting sales emails

In this fast-paced world, the average person receives more than 100 emails daily, as per statistics. But, only 20-40% of emails are opened by the recipient. Emails are still the most suitable medium for staying in touch with customers, following … Read More

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Sales Brew by Zohort

Sales Brew by Zohort: Anup’s Journey And Insights As An Emerging Sales Leader

Hello readers! In this series, we bring you interesting conversations between sales leaders covering their journey and growth as sales professionals. Here they reveal what shaped their careers-mentors, opportunity, and initiatives and how some of their actions can be repeated … Read More

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Tactics for Creating Great Outbound Emails

3 Unconventional Tactics for Creating Great Outbound Emails

Something that educates your audience and simultaneously builds your brand sounds lucrative to all of us, and rightly so. Outbound emails are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and build their trust in the product or … Read More

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ABC of tech sales

         The ABC of Tech Sales 

The culmination of Tech Sales has brought significant changes in the lives of the masses. Terms like CRM, convertible leads, inbound and outbound marketing, etc., are known only by a few, but people are interested in learning these B2B-related concepts. … Read More

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Regular day for SDR

What does a regular day for SDR look like? 

One of the hardest but most enjoyable jobs out there is becoming a sales development representative (SDR). SDRs are in charge of educating potential customers about a company’s goods and services. They are responsible for engaging and conversing with these … Read More

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career in tech sales

5 Reasons why you should choose your career in tech sales.

A career in tech sales is a terrific way to get involved and earn a good livelihood. Along with being one of the fastest career pathways to a six-figure wage, the tech and software sales industry is experiencing substantial job … Read More

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