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5 Reasons why you should choose your career in tech sales.

A career in tech sales is a terrific way to get involved and earn a good livelihood. Along with being one of the fastest career pathways to a six-figure wage, the tech and software sales industry is experiencing substantial job growth with well-established tech companies and fresh startups. There are many fascinating career prospects in the tech sales profession, and the work is kept interesting by new technology and difficulties.

A career in tech sales is challenging but does not require a college degree. Successful tech salespeople must possess several technical and soft skills, which may be acquired on the job or through in-depth boot camps. So there are many reasons you should choose a career in tech sales. Below are the factors that drive people to choose a career in tech sales.

Kick start your career in Tech Sales

5 reasons why you should choose your career in tech sales

Here are some of the main reasons to consider a career in tech sales:

Endless opportunities

Few occupations have as much room for growth as those in technology sales. Many millionaires and IT investors, such as Larry Ellison and Mark Cuban, started in technology sales. You will most likely need to begin as a business development representative to advance to the account executive position. Normally, this takes one to two years, then you can get promoted to SDR and SDR manager, and sometimes an SDR will get promoted to an AE before becoming an SDR manager.

The next step depends on your interests and skills. Your skill set will be so thorough that you can move on to managing larger accounts, managing a team of salespeople, joining the marketing team, or even starting your own business. With Zohort, get hired in India’s leading technology companies.

Job security

For anyone, having a secure job is crucial, especially after the pandemic. Fortunately, sales offer tremendous job stability as long as you meet your tech sales goals. This is so because tech salespeople occupy a key position in the business.

Technology, specifically tech sales, are typically professions that can be done with minimum resources and even remotely if necessary, in contrast to many other businesses that are subject to a physical good’s supply and demand cycle. If you are concerned about the future of your existing industries, you won’t need to worry as much about technology because tech sales will always exist.

High income

You’ll admire the salary in tech sales if you seek a profession with a great financial future and good compensation. With expertise and commission, a tech salesperson’s annual compensation in the SaaS sales you receive an average of 5-8 LPA, while freshman receives 3-4 LPA in other industries on average. You’ll also receive many awards, perks, trips, and annual bonuses.

As you advance in your profession, your compensation will go up from an average of INR 7.5 Lakhs to 102.0 Lakhs annually in the field of tech sales. As a recent graduate, you can earn six figures within three years, and if you work for some of the largest technological businesses, you can earn seven figures annually.


The biggest benefit of working in tech sales is choosing your hours. Most tech salespeople have total control over their daily schedules, though the level of flexibility varies by position and company. For instance, your company might establish a weekly first appointment target that each seller has to achieve. As long as you meet those targets, you can plan your days as you like. To improve your work-life balance, though, don’t overuse your flexibility.

This flexibility allows you to conduct business where you are most effective. As a result, you can plan your day in the most effective way possible while working at your own pace. If you feel like you have more ownership over your life and work, you will feel more motivated and less stressed and have better relationships with your employer and coworkers.

Lifelong learning process

A skilled tech salesperson has a working knowledge of the newest technology that will increase sales. To stay connected with developments, learning should be a continuous effort. The best practical learning entails dealing with difficult situations and interacting with people from various backgrounds. 

In tech sales, every day is an exhilarating journey full of unanticipated detours. You can never predict what will occur. Building relationships with existing clients and meeting new ones will help to improve one’s self-image and self-esteem. You never feel unaspiring or uninspired in a career. If you want to start your career in sales, Zohort provides the best opportunity in tech sales while enabling tech companies with the most skilled talent pool in the market.


A career in tech sales is worth considering if you’re searching for a flexible work environment, great earning potential, a means to challenge yourself, and a chance to continuously build your skills and grow your professional capabilities.

The job of a tech salesperson has changed over time. You’ll find it enjoyable and rewarding to approach the task as a chance to assist and have faith in the solution you’re promoting, resulting in personal and professional achievement. You can get millions of tech sales opportunities with Zohort to kickstart your career.

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