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6 Hacks To Book More Demos And Close Deals Faster

Leading a prospect down a sales pipeline is a complex and multi-step process. However, with the right tools and information, SDRs can leverage their client data to get more closures, all while speeding up those deals. Some deals start well but start to crash down the lane. Some others seem impossible to close. SDRs can fix a lot of those deals with certain steps. In this article, we’ll give you 6 hacks to book more demos and help you find quality conversions.

6 things that smart SDRs never miss 

Here’s a list of all those tips that can help you adopt the right pathway for conversions.

Identify the right decision maker

If you don’t know who to go after, start with leads who have the right decision-making powers in their respective organizations or teams. Reaching the right people for the right tasks automatically cuts the time in half and closes deals faster. Access to the right people will also ensure that you’re listening to their concerns and tailoring your proposition to suit exactly that. 

Grow with the ones that are growing

The basic principle of selling is to create a need. It’s even more convenient when there’s a need present already. In scaling companies, there’s a pressing need for more tools and efficient solutions. If your product can match their demand, always reach out to grab the best deal within the right time frame. 

Ensure that your outreach emails utilize this pain point as a trigger to maximize the chances of closure. Look for companies that have had a headcount growth of 40% or higher. These might be your best leads, but the window to approach is narrow. So, act at the right time to catch the best deal. 

Research well

There are many tools and aids available for data collection and lead filtration. Using a filtration tool will help you find the best clients and hence give you the best deals. Make use of keywords and do the best research you can to filter the best clients. Research their previous campaigns and social media, top executives, and familiarise yourself with their brand. Researching will help you create a strong value proposition and customize your offer according to the prospect’s needs. We’ll discuss this in detail here. But before that, let’s understand the importance of research a bit more. Going through the company’s history will help you spot stuff that could have been executed better and help you craft a strong offer that’s hard to pass on.

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Customize your conversations

Customization is the perfect answer to competition in sales. Offering customization will add an edge to your proposition and increase its worth. Everyone loves something that solves a problem they’re having. So, focus on your lead’s challenges and explain how your product or service can solve them in simple and straight terms. Your conversations should be customized to suit the requirements of your prospects and never sway away from your objective to get closures. 

Use referrals to boost sales

Referrals are a tried and tested way of increasing sales. Utilize the network you’ve created and the connections you’ve made to get referrals and sell more. In referrals, past deals’ experience factors in. So, always maintain a healthy connection with your clients so you can use their second-degree connections as well. A well-formed and large network will bring more referrals and, thus, more sales.

Prioritise hot leads

Sometimes a certain lead can give you more sales than all your other clients combined. That’s because you approached the right person at the right time. So, identifying your hot leads and staying laser-focused on them is a simple but effective way to get more sales. All top SDRs prioritize their leads and get a good grip on those who have shown interest in their product or trust the company. 

Hot leads are ready to make a purchase and just need a slight push to take the final leap. Warming up a lead is 99% of the effort, but nudging a hot lead is very little effort. Ensure that you get the most out of these leads for a brilliant and efficient sales cycle.

Final Words

The hacks discussed above apply to the quantitative aspect of sales. However, don’t lose track of the qualitative aspects as well. Booking more demos is just as important as pitching great demos. Introduce the problem to your prospect, focus on pain points, advocate the product’s uniqueness, and never forget to listen to their feedback. These points should be enough to get you quality conversions fast and help you book more demos. Use the hacks listed here as guiding tools but never as hard and fast rules. Tweak the formula wherever you feel necessary. 

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