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7 Effective Ways To Personalize Cold Emails

Personalization is the only way to make your mass emails more clickable and ultimately be successful in your objectives. You use emails to communicate. Hence your email should clearly communicate how it will help the customer. You can achieve this through personalization. In this article, we’ll cover 7 ways to personalize cold emails to get the highest click and response rates.

Why do you need to personalize cold emails?

Personalization is the norm now for writing cold emails due to the sheer number of emails sent out every day. An average person receives 40-50 emails each day. Here’s why personalized emails will yield higher results.

Increases the open and reply rates

An email tailored to suit the prospect persona and one that sticks to the essential points will be more clickable. Crafting an email without customization is the same as shooting an arrow in the dark. You need to know what you’re targeting and reflect it in your emails. 

To stay away from spam filters

If your email sounds scammy or robotic, it will easily be classified as spam. To avoid spam filters, it’s crucial to organize email data in a specific way and use relevant messages. Personalize cold emails to maximize reach and click rates. 

To form relationships when you sell

Everyone knows that we don’t sell to robots; we sell to people. Good deals and conversions can lead to excellent relationships with loyal customers. So, treat emailing as a way to connect and build relationships. Value the content you put in because it could lead to something valuable. 

Things to avoid when writing cold emails

Knowing how not to do something is just as important as knowing how to do it. These are things you should avoid at all costs when writing cold emails.

Making the subject line long, boring, or formal

The subject line carries way more importance than one would think. The subject line decides whether the recipient will open your email or not. If your subject line is too basic, long, or excessively formal, it all indicates vagueness and doesn’t connect with the recipient. Make the subject line short and use a witty one-liner or a catchy phrase to get noticed.

Jargons? No, please!

Jargons are the enemy of trust. They make someone lose interest in what you’re saying very quickly. Heavy use of technical terms, including irrelevant stuff, and straying away from the email’s agenda makes the email jargonish and uninteresting. To seem more reliable and deliver value, avoid jargons in your email.

Being heavily descriptive or irrelevant content

People get so many emails in a day that it gets challenging to read ones with lengthy text or irrelevant details. To personalize cold emails means including relevant stuff and making it as concise and easily readable as possible. 

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7 ways to personalize cold emails like a pro

Now that you know why personalization holds value and things to avoid while writing emails, let’s look at 7 great ways to personalize your cold emails.

Use names and numbers

Names and numbers show credibility and catch the attention of the recipient easily. Make sure to include these in the next cold email you write, and mention all solution points or results that your product can offer. Focus on selling points and not on unsuitable data. Your email should communicate all the results you can deliver for the lead.

Tap into their achievements and objectives

It’s good to reflect the company’s or individual’s achievements and goals in your email to show that you’ve gone through their background. It makes the email more personalized and helps build healthy relationships as well. You can also personalize cold emails to exactly attend to their objectives to make them even better. 

Do your research

Besides client objectives and vision, study their current tech stack and the tools they use to tailor your proposition to suit their needs. You can pitch better when you research and understand the client’s needs. Having an idea of what they already have versus what you can add will help pitch ‘value’ that’s hard to ignore.

Let your creative juices flow

Creativity is one of the most crucial ingredients in making a great cold email. Being creative will help you personalize cold emails easily. Catchy subject lines, the information presented creatively, or quirky additions that make your email more genuine than generic are all appreciated. 

Mention their rivals to induce FOMO

FOMO can be a great trigger for selling. In your email, mention stuff that rivals use that works favorably for them. Explain how including the steps you’re proposing will help them achieve better results than their rivals. Show your leads how they’ll miss out on value if they don’t connect with you.

Sell benefits while targeting pain points

Besides creativity, mentioning pain points while you personalize cold emails matters a lot. Use the B-A-B approach, i.e., the before-after-bridge formula, to explain your proposition better. Talk a little about their condition before working with you, explain what’ll change after, and discuss the bridge, i.e., how your solutions can take them there. 

Talk about mutuals

Due to the sheer number of mass emails, mentioning mutual or common connections between you and your prospect to enhance credibility is important. The more targeted your email is, the better. So, references in your lead’s company could help you close a deal and build trust. 


All 7 ways described above work wonderfully for cold emails. Use these in the right amounts to create a great email. Of course, there’s a learning curve, and writing the perfect email is a process that takes time. But, these steps will help SDRs maximize their reach and refine their emails significantly. To personalize cold emails, study the lead’s background and current ambitions, find mutual connections, use the BAB approach, and add a little dose of your own flavor to the email to make it more interesting. 

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