Automating Cold Email Outreach: Tools And Best Practices

Automating Cold Email Outreach: Tools And Best Practices

Cold email outreach has been significant in B2B SaaS in the past decades. However, with changing times, cold emailing is evolving too. It’s becoming more research-driven, targeted, and consistent. All this is possible due to automation. With the industry demand, it’s hard to keep up with the standard pace without automation. It has made campaigns faster and more effective and can tailor cold emails to suit a prospect’s needs perfectly. Hence, knowing the tools and best practices involved in making these changes happen is crucial. This article will explore the relationship of automation with cold emailing tools and best practices.

Why Cold Email Outreach Matters In B2b SaaS

Cold emailing introduces your solution to prospects with no other way of stumbling upon these. Personalising cold emails can boost response rates and give you up to 32% response rates. This is significant for businesses of all sizes. So, cold emailing is a potent strategy that you should utilise to scale your business and capture leads effortlessly.

All You Need To Know To Ace Your Cold Emailing Strategy

There’s a list of things to remember to conduct the best email campaigns and turn your outreach net into a lead magnet. Take a look at the following points.

Crafting Compelling Emails

The success of a cold email is more or less determined by how swiftly it captures your prospect’s attention. Your email should resonate with the recipient perfectly for this to happen. Even though resonance is crucial, you can’t rely on lengthy text to achieve that. Your focus should be on driving value while concisely addressing your customers’ pain points. Personalise your cold email outreach to stand out and stay miles away from spam filters. Here’s the standard template for an introductory cold email:


We’ve observed that [pain point] is keeping you from reaching your[goal]. Our SaaS solution[product name] has generated [client results] and can help your business scale by [x%]

Building A Targeted Prospect List

Automation will only work when your prospect list is fully optimised. Use specialised tools like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify suitable prospects. Always cast your net towards key decision-makers and those with clear authority to approve an idea in their company.

Example: Get on a prospect-hunting tool. Filter through profiles based on job titles, and narrow your outreach efforts to these profiles. If you’re looking for companies to invest in a product you have, you should look for CFOs and so on.

Utilise Cold Email Automation Tools

The beauty of automation in cold email outreach lies in its role in handling repetitive or mundane tasks. Using automation, you can use your workforce better, focusing on strategic aspects. Tools like offer a comprehensive suite of features that will take care of your sending and follow-up times.

Example: If you’re managing a cold email campaign, use to set up an effective follow-up sequence. This will ensure that follow-up emails reach your prospects timely and that all emails are highly targeted.

Personalisation At Scale

Personalisation has become the language of cold email outreach in the SaaS sector. Use merge tags to manage your personalisation in emails. Merge tags are dynamic placeholders that ease your burden significantly. They’ll seamlessly insert the recipient’s details and humanise your emails without taking up a whole day. Here’s an example of how you can make it work:


We’re excited to share a fantastic opportunity-[insert solution] that can transform[pain point] to get[results].

A/B Testing For Optimization

A/B testing unlocks constant improvement in your mass email campaigns. Email subject lines, copy, and CTA buttons can be optimised using A/B testing. Testing will finetune your approach and get more leads because the right copy reaches the right person at the right time. For instance, you could have 2 great subject lines: one that highlights cost saving and another that highlights efficiency gains. In such a case, an A/B test will answer your confusion.

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Follow-Up Sequence For Persistence

Your follow-up emails will bridge the gap between you and your prospect and build engagement. Use automation to simplify the process and schedule follow-ups automatically. Each follow-up email should be value-packed and address any objections in the latest client response email. Here’s a quick follow-up prompt for your cold email outreach:

“Just a quick follow-up on my previous message. [industry leaders] have benefitted through [solution], and now you can too.”

Monitoring And Adjusting Strategy

Monitor metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and responses to make informed decisions. If your response rates aren’t impressive, go back to A/B testing and refine your subject lines or email copy. To improve your cold email outreach, experiment with different lines and make the value proposition as straightforward as possible.

Avoiding The Spam Folder

The trick to avoiding spam filters is to create engaging emails packed with diversified content. Employ various formatting styles and avoid trigger words in your email to reach the primary inbox of your recipients. To establish your legitimacy, create interesting CTAs. Instead of ‘click here,’ write ‘try the solution for free.’

Ensuring GDPR And CAN-SPAM Compliance

With data protection becoming more crucial, include opt-out mechanisms and your company’s contact details in every email. To stay ahead, update your sales teams with the latest GDPR and CAN-SPAM regulations. Include this in your cold email outreach like the following:

“Try it for free once, then move to [paid plan]. Unsubscribe anytime you want.”

Balancing Automation And Human Involvement

Automation is an ally, but humanising your brand always goes further. Feel free to customise your emails and reference recent company news or industry trends. This will convey genuine interest and build stronger connections with clients.


Automation will help skyrocket client results, and human touches will help enhance their quality. So, maintaining a balance of these in your cold email outreach is best. Stay updated with the industry’s best practices and tools for maximum efficiency. Unleash the potential of these to scale your B2B SaaS business while retaining customers.

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