cold calling etiquette

        Cold Calling Etiquette

Being in Tech Sales, you probably know what cold calling is. How you communicate with your clients makes all the difference. Cold calling is an excellent way to outreach your contacts and identify leads that convert. You must play your part by researching a bit about the clients beforehand. Along with these basic tips, you should always maintain a certain decorum while on a business-related call. 

Connecting with clients through phone calls requires proper planned execution. You cannot be spontaneous with a cold call, especially if you are initiating it. There are certain etiquettes you must follow while making a cold call. But these demand practice and can only be acquired over a long learning period. Virtual platforms like Zohort, with their intense training programs, will help you learn cold-calling etiquette and become an expert SDR. 

Their course is spread across six milestones wherein you will learn about B2B and master the art of cold-calling prospects. If you want professional training in Tech Sales and desire to learn the nitty-gritty of lucrative cold calls, Zohort is what you need. 

The Cold Calling Rulebook

The points mentioned below will enable you to make a fruitful cold call and turn your contacts into potential buyers. Check out the seven most important rules that distinguish a decent attitude from a poor one:

 1. A Smooth Conversation

Mentors at Zohort train learners about the psychology of cold calling, its agenda, and the need for both parties to present their sides equally. You will learn to strategically target the client’s fear factor by enrolling in Zohort’s intense training program on B2B. Their interactive live lectures train individuals to present their thoughts in a structured format to make cold calls sound engaging. Until you reach the end of the six milestones, your voice will resonate with professionalism while cold-calling clients.

2. Make a Courteous Introduction

Never begin a sales call by pitching your idea straight away. Introduce yourself politely by stating your name and the company name. Do not brag about yourself or the services your company provides. Keep the conversation about your client’s interests. Concisely state the purpose of your cold call and then ask permission from the recipient whether they are available at the moment. Seeking permission becomes more crucial as the cold call has not been pre-scheduled.

3. Never Keep Them Waiting 

Do not put a sales call on hold at any cost because this might reflect a lack of respect from your end. While on a business-related call, never receive another call or message. Your sole focus should be on the client you are currently speaking with. If you make any of your prospects wait too long, it will negatively impact your company. Zohort trains learners to deal with such scenarios via workshops and case studies, thus making them future-ready. 

4. Research About your Target Clients

Researching your clients before making a cold call can go a long way. You can filter your desired prospects from the contact list by doing so. You can make the most out of a cold call only after analysing the client’s preferences and interests. In its intense training program, Zohort trains learners on how to research their clients and thus add value to their lives. While learning with Zohort, you can discover websites that make your research convenient.

After getting insights about the clients, you can give them a call. Begin with a brief description of what problems your company aims to solve. Ascertain the facts and figures you are stating are relevant to your client’s interest. If necessary, prepare a cold call script, but do not end up wasting your prospect’s time by beating around the bush.

5. Avoid Distractions 

Beware of the unpleasant, shrill background noises that might ruin your business meet-up. Such unwanted sounds are quite common in the workplace and can be distracting. Creating a  peaceful aura should be your priority because some clients make judgments based on these tiny gestures. So, try to find a quiet environment where you can make a cold call in peace. 

When enrolling in Zohort’s intense training program, you learn to deal with such situations. The case studies during their cold calling workshop and mock interviews help learners face the worst-case scenarios while making cold calls. Through their 5th milestone, Team Zohort makes learners ready to deal with every unfortunate occurrence during a cold call.

6. Respect the Gatekeepers

In B2B, both influencers and final decision-makers are equally important.  While cold calling, you must make it a point to treat everyone who comes your way with the utmost respect.  Because you never know who the recipient is and their role in passing the verdict for your pitch. You could be reaching out to the C-suite, Company Directors, or the VP.  So, be cautious and make it a mission to give good value to the recipient’s time. Also, a little back-end research about the clients would go a long way.

7. Gain their Trust

Team Zohort trains individuals to make personalised cold calls by talking about the client and driving their attention toward your service. They teach you how to convince the client that your service is worth their money in the first 30 seconds and pitch your idea successfully. You can establish your credibility when you learn to address the client’s needs. The mentors at Zohort make this possible by giving weekly assignments to students. 

Unlike cold emails, cold calls are not driven by automation. So it becomes all the more important to build a personal connection with the prospect to derive maximum output from your pitch. As an SDR, you must make the client comfortable on the call by proving your credibility. Earn their trust and try to make friendly relations with them. Over cold calls, you can bond with your clients over prior experiences and common interests. 


Managing clients over phone calls is an everyday chore for SDRs and people in Tech Sales. Even then, people are unaware of following the code of conduct required to execute a successful cold call. The above points will give you in-depth knowledge of sellers’ etiquette while outreaching prospects via cold calls. If you portray these qualities to clients, you can set your company apart from competitors. 

Although you can find numerous sources to get acquainted with cold-calling etiquette, professional trainers can make you stand out. The SaaS industry experts at Zohort will help you gain confidence and eliminate anxiety while cold-calling various clients. They have a live session dedicated to cold calling, where you acquire cold-calling etiquette and master objection handling. 

Zohort can be your partner in learning not just cold-calling etiquette but email marketing protocol, ABC of Tech Sales, ways to become an SDR, etc. They have an intense training program with interactive live sessions, workshops, assignments, and more features. Become a pro at communicating with prospects over cold calls with Zohort.

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