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     Growth of an SDR Profile 

One of the most sought-after careers nowadays is an SDR because people believe that the future lies in Tech Sales. A Sales Development Representative is a B2B sales rep whose job is outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. As inside sales team members, SDRs are responsible for moving leads through the sales funnel. If you want to land your dream job or growth in an SDR profile, Zohort could be of great help. 

Zohort is a virtual platform that creates successful SDRs through its intense training program. The course curriculum comprises six Milestones: live lectures, workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions, quizzes, etc. Mentors focus on providing practical lessons via case studies, assignments, and mock tests. Check out this article to learn how Team Zohort assists learners in building a fulfilling career as an SDR.

The Role of an SDR

An SDR is the first touchpoint between a company or an organization and prospective customers. Following are the basic roles an ideal SDR is expected to perform daily:

1. Research Work

As an SDR, you should know the products and services you would pitch to clients. Researching prospective clients and investigating the competitor’s clients is crucial for every B2B sales rep. During Zohort’s learning curve, mentors also focus on grooming learners to understand prospective clients, the industry they belong to, and how your services will add value to the prospect’s life.  They ensure that the learners become good researchers before becoming SDRs. 

2. Cold Outreach 

After intensive research comes the art of cold outreaching prospective clients, good communication skills are must-haves for an SDR; thus, Zohort has specifically crafted modules for training learners in cold calling and emailing. 

The mentors provide knowledge on how to compose personalized emails and add value to the client’s life by pitching your idea and the ways to increase your conversion rate. Through assignments, mock cold calls, and case study discussions, learners at Zohort are made to master cold outreach.

3. Qualifying Leads 

The job of an SDR is to qualify leads over cold calls and through cold emails. It can be done by developing an ideal customer profile according to your pitch. Zohort trains future SDRs in properly qualifying leads, thus developing a healthy sales pipeline.

The Making of an SDR through Zohort 

To succeed as an SDR, you must have clear and strong conceptual knowledge of the SaaS industry. Here is how a learner transitions into a promising Sales Development Representative with Zohort’s intense training program:

1. Enrolling Candidates

Team Zohort carries out a recruitment process of potential candidates. Candidates wishing to become successful SDRs apply to Zohort’s intense training program through their website, where they submit their details. If you are found suitable, the Team will conduct an interview round to check basic sales and communication skills. When candidates pass this eligibility test, they are further notified by the recruiters. On qualifying all the rounds, you can finally be a part of team Zohort.

2. Counselling Process

After successfully enrolling in Zohort’s e-learning program, you get to witness an exclusive Orientation session. The mentors make you aware of B2B and give an overview of the SaaS industry. Here, candidates learn whether Tech Sales has the required career prospects to suit their profile or not. With a career counseling session, candidates are made to explore their career opportunities as an SDR and further in Tech Sales.

3. Covering Six Milestones 

The course curriculum of Zohort’s training program consists of six modules. Beginning with a brief introduction to the SaaS industry, the course covers concepts like writing cold emails, qualifying leads, and the differences between B2B and B2C, among other things. The Zohort mentors conduct interactive live lectures and workshops to impart knowledge on Tech Sales. Across the six milestones, students are offered one-on-one doubt-solving sessions so that all concepts become crystal clear. 

4.  Practical Training 

Through live lectures, mentors at Zohort ensure that students are well-equipped with the theoretical concepts of B2B. And via case study discussions, assignments, quizzes, etc., learners develop a practical approach to tackling the real-life problems of an SDR.  During their workshops, students are made to deal with worst-case scenarios to boost their confidence. Team Zohort emphasizes students acquire soft skills like resilience, objection handling, work ethics, problem-solving skills, etc., throughout the learning curve.  

5. Career Prospects 

Alongside training students to become potential SDRs, the Zohort Team provides placement assistance. They help candidates update or prepare an impressive Resume. Also, with the help of mock interviews, candidates are groomed for the placements. You can anticipate a career as an SDR in Partner Companies of Zohort like Haptik, Skit, Zomentum, etc. Under proper guidance, candidates sit for the placement drive, most of whom land their dream jobs.

Wrapping Up

Several steps are involved in the growth of a Sales Development Representative profile, and it requires a lot of effort to understand the ABC of Tech Sales.  But with Zohort, your one-stop to grow as an SDR, you can expect a flourishing career in the SaaS industry. Partnering with Zohort is your stepping stone toward building a seamless career as an SDR. The points enlisted above discuss what an SDR is and what it takes to succeed as one.

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