Humor in your sales emails

How to Use Humor in Your Sales Emails

Staid communication, whether through email or another type of outreach, repels individuals more quickly than anything else. The first few seconds of your pitch might make or break your attempt because people’s attention spans are infamously becoming shorter. When utilized properly, humor can make you stand out from the crowd, connect with your audience, make them laugh, earn their trust, and eventually lead to a closer relationship.

Incorporating Humor in Sales Emails

Time management is key when using a humorous sales pitch. At what point in a sales pitch is it OK to use humor?

  • When you make your first attempt at outreach, it is preferable to establish your proposition in a way that highlights your skills and uses research to support your claims.
  • The first email is just a little prod. Emails sent after the offer has been accepted should highlight its advantages and shortcomings.
  • Your final effort to connect is your third and typically last email. You can stand out from the competitors and the never-ending barrage of emails your prospect receives each day at this point of outreach by using amusing sales opening lines or humor memes. For example, you can go with “Hey [first name], can we hop on a quick call Monday at 2 p.m. or Tuesday at 10 a.m.?”
Humor in your sales emails

Why Building Rapport Through Humor in Sales is a Great Strategy

We first want to comprehend why humor in sales is effective. The solution to that is connection. The fundamental objective whenever you contact prospects about your product or service is to develop a relationship. Find a point of affinity so you may establish a connection. With a cold email, you need more time and luxury to entertain your prospects. However, you may send them a gift that will make them grin. Getting that smile also signals that people view you favorably as a sender. Humor works, after all. When conducting outreach, folks you are negotiating with reported feeling more trust when you send them a lighthearted, non-offensive cartoon, which resulted in a 15% increase in earnings for businesses using humor in this way in their marketing.

When is it OK to be humorous in emails?

There is a time and place for hilarious emails, just like anything else, since they are unacceptable in every situation. The receiver would appreciate the use of humor in the following email formats:

Email greetings

The standard opening line for welcome emails is “Hey Joe, welcome to our organization,” but adding comedy and personality may make them stand out.

Frigid emails

Marketers send cold emails to potential customers to market their products and generate high-quality leads. Create humorous cold emails to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes, as people might only sometimes see you.

Emails about abandoned carts

Sending customers emails reminding them that they have stuff in their shopping cart is unpleasant for most small businesses and eCommerce businesses. Therefore, you may utilize comedy in abandoned cart emails to lessen the embarrassment, and you can even use AMP for emails to provide your subscribers with a frictionless checkout experience.

Orientation emails

An onboarding email is sent to people who have just begun using your service, whereas the welcome email is sent to anybody who has subscribed to an email list. A humorous onboarding email may provide a positive first impression and give the user the sense that you are approachable, which will encourage them to get in touch with you if they have any questions or issues. 


Since newsletters are getting increasingly popular, many businesses have begun experimenting and learning how to improve them. Playing with the layout, using amusing photographs, and adding humor to the email’s text or subject line are all ways to zhuzh up your newsletter.

Email advertisements

Due to the difficulty in hooking readers long enough to turn them into customers, businesses have always experimented with promotional emails by changing the content, call to action, and presentation. By grabbing their attention with humorous emails, you may alter the way you advertise and put more of an emphasis on being unique.

How can you make amusing emails and employ humor in marketing?

You know the appropriate and inappropriate times to send humorous emails, but you need help with how to do it. To add humor and write humorous emails, use the following techniques:

Puns and wordplay

A clever pun or wordplay may be humorous, although it is cliche. While we may laugh the customer off, you will find the “dad jokes” style of humor rather funny. Puns that relate to your goods or services may be made, and they are a simple way to show off your individuality and make your subscribers smile.

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Use an understandable circumstance.

Consider the daily challenges your consumers encounter and write a humorous email that acknowledges and addresses those issues. When developing humorous email content for your readers, you may employ the procedures below:

  • Become well-versed in your audience.
  • Recognize the issues that your prospects are facing.
  • Identify and address those trouble spots.
  • Please describe how your product or service will help them.
  • When offering them remedies to their difficulties, inject some comedy.


When they realize that you are prepared to make fun of yourself, a subscriber is more likely to view you as approachable and reliable. They will believe you don’t take yourself seriously if you overdo it, so be careful. When you write an acknowledgment email to correct an error you made in an email you sent out, it’s one of the rare occasions when you may be humorous with yourself.

Make it humorous by combining the image, text, and CTA.

If you already utilize comedy in your subject line and content, use the picture, copy, and CTA to make it stand out even more.

Utilize global events or popular culture.

Maintain up-to-date knowledge of current events so you can provide timely material about them.

Clever humor

Instead, you might employ a few punch lines and subdued comedy. They keep the email subject line lighthearted while making it pertinent to its specialty. They employ fun, subdued, and feel-good humor, which you may utilize if you are hesitant to use dangerous and audacious comedy.


The use of humor in emails may be advantageous for almost any business. Humor is much more likely to make you stand out if you work in a “boring” field. The following tips can help you employ social media content that has previously been shown to be interesting and use some of your finest and most sincere feedback.

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