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Pratyush Kukreja speaking with Abdul Javed, a seasoned sales professional 

Hello and welcome to today’s Sales Group by Zohort. A training, mentorship, and recruiting ecosystem for B2B sales exists at Zohort. Since a few years ago, the sales sector has seen significant change. Salespeople must take into account a variety of fresh and developing sales issues. The buyer’s main benefit is that it has changed from a one-time transaction to a long-term trust and connection-building process. In SalesBrew, we hear the experiences of professionals who entered the sales field and learned about the mentors who helped shape their careers, the opportunities that presented themselves, the initiatives they undertook, and how some of their activities might be replicated for comparable results. 

We learned a lot about this story during our chat with Abdul Javed, a sales professional. We will talk about his exciting responsibilities as the company’s chief executive officer, which include managing sales and client satisfaction. He is invited to talk about his opinions on business by Team Zohort’s SaaS sales executive Pratyush Kukreja, who is hosting this series.

An Overview of Pratyush Kukreja

Pratyush Oversees Sales and marketing at Pepper Content and was formerly the VP and GM for India and MEA at Jio Haptik. He has an impressive résumé in terms of his academic and professional successes.

Introducing Abdul Javed in a nutshell

He is the VP of Sales for the APAC region at Clari, a SaaS platform for revenue, collaboration, and governance.

Being true to the career salesperson 

The degree of clarity in selecting sales is following through with it. Abdul begins by stating that selecting is the hard part before responding. He argues that staying in it is simple since everyone focuses on sales in this way while choosing it. Thus, clarity rather than desperation was what drove him into sales. His only experience was working in a supermarket’s fruit and vegetable section, and he desperately needed a job. He was looking for jobs everywhere, but the graduate employment market was different back then than it is now. Since there weren’t many positions, he wasn’t receiving any callbacks. Therefore, without realising it, he decided to amp things up by tapping into my Inner BDR. Then, to reach the appropriate individual, he would phone the company’s recruiter’s office after applying for a job. But concurrently, he would discuss and solicit suggestions on his CV and cover letter when he did manage to get them on the phone. And ultimately, he did break away from his first client meeting after nearly two weeks. He eventually made it into the tech sales field. He realised this was what he would likely do for the rest of his life; it was crystal plain to him. And so here we are in the present. So, that was the selecting phase. But in terms of continuing with it, it’s only natural to continue playing once he finds employment that seems like play.

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Team’s methodology and the appropriate unacceptable handling

A top-notch sales enablement team works for Clari. He divided the training into three groups. 

Before the call

They are doing a workshop before the call. These workshops vary from others in that they are instrumental. Additionally, the sales enablement team produced the information after receiving input from the sales team. That is what makes a significant difference. Abdul hangs up such calls knowing what he has to do. The action has a solid connection to the information that has been given.

Throughout the call

They purchased a business named Wingman during the call. Therefore, when he is on a client call, and an objection or competitor comes up while he is on the call, he receives what is known as a battle card, where a pop-up pops up, and Abdul may see three or four competitive points that he can make. Therefore, he receives coaching throughout the call, enabling him to apply the instruction he has previously received from the team.

Following the call

Commentary can then be offered following the chat with Wingman. It resembles an instant replay. They are identifying flaws and other issues after seeing the recordings. Sales are very similar. These are the three methods Clari currently uses. Perfect. As a sales community, we owe Wingman a massive gratitude debt since it gave them the ideal feedback loop for honing their sales pitches and preparation.

Procedure for this recurrent success

Achieving repeated success is a natural conclusion when your job seems like play, and individuals who find themselves in a position of luxury have two distinct traits that help them achieve repetitive success—the two Cs. 

Curiosity is the first C. But curiosity is a state of mind. For this reason, there has to be a second C, which stands for coachability. The action is that. By combining these terms, one might define curious coachability. You don’t ask how high to leap when someone asks you to; instead, you ask why. And according to his observations, it also includes the other two essential components for recurrent success. Being coachable involves several factors. Being modest and realising that errors can be made and that you must learn from them are essential. 

A resounding victor in absolute terms

About his argument about finding a job, the startup world seems more like play to me. He now finds it more pleasurable than when he first began when he was much more risk-averse. But along the road, his profile changed, and today, if he considers working for a firm of 10 people, he won’t be able to accomplish it. However, that may change. He wants to make the most of his fantastic staff, which is expanding quickly and starting from scratch while assembling a team. And that’s what he took away from his current position. It’s pretty thrilling. Several support agents help him succeed now that he is a part of the startup ecosystem. Within the same organisation and outside of it, there are mentors, role models, and peers.

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