The Power Of Personalisation In Cold Email Campaigns

The Power Of Personalisation In Cold Email Campaigns

Personalisation is the saving grace of cold emails. An email personalised very well for a particular prospect could lead to closure. On the other hand, 5 poorly written emails could lead to no closures. Thus, the importance of personalised can’t be stated enough. This article will explore the true power of personalisation in cold email campaigns. We’ll explain how personalisation can improve your cold outreach quality and get you leads like never before. 

Making Cold Emails Sound Warm

Cold email campaigns can seem icy. They’re still the most effective way for businesses to reach out to prospects. Imagine walking up to a new friend and saying hi. This is similar to how cold emails work. The only difference is catching people’s attention via text is more challenging than in person. This is where personalisation comes in. It humanises your email and makes it sound warmer.

Breaking Down The Power Personalisation Holds

Let’s know how it works first to understand the full potency of personalised emails.

Personalisation is more than a name

Imagine receiving an email that addresses you by name. It would feel nice, won’t it? Now imagine receiving one that includes your name and also mentions a hobby you have. It would catch and hold your attention longer. This is how personalisation works. It makes it seem as if a friend is talking to you. There’s no feeling of a bot sending an obligatory email pitch to you. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re a B2B SaaS company offering a project management tool. Don’t open with a generic line in cold email campaigns. Try, “We saw your recent productivity blog. Our tool can help you accomplish exactly that by better task management.”

Stand Out In The Inbox Crowd

The average person’s inbox is flooded with emails of all kinds. The emails that get opened and read must have something different. An email that begins with ‘we have an online course you’d benefit from’ is highly unlikely to be opened. 

On the other hand, an email could open with, “We noticed you recently enrolled in an online course, and here are some resources that could help.” The prospect is more likely to read this because it mentions something relevant to their life. Personalised cold email campaigns are like finding golden coins in the dirt. It boosts your open rates by 26%, and for good reason.

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Solving Problems With Personal Touches

What if you opened an email with the exact solution to your problem? Won’t it be like magic? Personalisation feels like this when done right. When a cold email offers a solution to your specific problem, it feels like it was crafted just for you. The right way to do this would be to observe your prospects’ struggles and identify pain points carefully. Once you do this, pitch the solution to that pain point in your cold email campaigns

Example: Suppose you notice a prospect struggling with managing customer data. You could send them an email about it. Try “ Struggling with customer info? Our [product] can organise it all with a virtual wand.”

Building Trust, One Email At A Time

We don’t trust people immediately when we meet them for the first time. Hence, there’s no way a prospect would trust your email the first time. But trust develops as you show them how much you understand about their business. Personalised cold email campaigns show that you understand prospects’ needs. Therefore, it makes you more trustworthy. 

Try to be helpful and price your offers correctly. Focus on fostering long-term client connections instead of short-term fleeting ones. Reports suggest that people are 80% more likely to buy from personalised cold emails. Utilise that to your advantage.

The Data Behind Personalisation

Personalised emails target prospect needs, but how do you know their needs? Personalisation might seem emotion-driven, but it’s data-driven in reality. Businesses collect data to understand the interest and preferences of their potential clients. This data helps craft cold email campaigns that fit the prospect like a glove.

Example: Say you’re a B2B SaaS company launching a tool that syncs global teams to enhance efficiency. Send a personalised email saying,” Managing international teams? Our tool keeps everyone in sync, no matter the time zone.”

Make Your Creativity Count

Personalisation has no limits. Your creativity can make endless combinations in cold email campaigns. Find things you can relate to your product based on the prospect data you collect. For instance, you noticed that your prospect recently posted about a movie they watched. Try connecting that with your product in the value proposition and hit send. The response rates will surely increase after such efforts. 

Your creativity can turn a plain stone into a sparkling gem. Include memes, movie references, or anything relevant and creative to create stand-out emails. In a study, 72% of consumers responded they only engage with emails that contain creative marketing messages. Hence, now’s the time to double down on your creative cold emailing efforts.


Cold emails don’t have to be icy and distant. They can be warm and welcoming too. By adding personalisation to your cold email campaigns, you show that you care. Your email copy should clearly explain how you’ll solve your client’s problems. Keep crafting such emails, and soon you’ll build a trustworthy connection that generates steady revenue for your company. Simply put, an email should feel like a warm handshake rather than a robotic message. Put the power of personalisation at work, and make your emails shine in the inbox crowd.

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