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Zohort Story: Amrit Tripathi’s Journey With Zohort

Hello, readers! Here is another Zohort story for you all. 

Zohort is a digital SaaS sales platform wherein we help or guide the candidates to transition from a non-SaaS background to SaaS sales, also known as tech sales here; the candidate undergrow through an intensive training program for six weeks wherein they are guided through the basic fundamental of SaaS, and they get to know in brief about an SDR profile, and after that, they lend a job.

Amrit Tripathi is from banking and transitioned to the B2B SaaS sales industry, and now he is currently working as an SDR at interface.ai. Let’s know more about Amrit Tripathi with Hardik Nijhawan from team Zohort.

A brief introduction of Amrit

Amrit Tripathi was working in Axis bank before joining Zohort, and he got placed within the month of completing the course from Zohort at interface.ai as an SDR, and now he has been working there for  9+months.

Why did Amrit choose sales?

Sales are something that is the catalyst or something that is an enabler to a transaction between two parties wherein both of them have something to offer to each other generally, one person needs an offered product, and the other is offering that product to them, and what sales do is that it brings those two parties together, informs both of them about what to expect and how makes the world go around in terms of economic transaction.

Amrit chose sales, or sales just got in his way.

He did like sales as a sector, but he did not initially plan to be here; he was working at Axis Bank in their product division, but what he saw there was a shift from this personal selling and one on one selling to selling on digital platform and using AI tools. So many good things are coming on into the market right now.

He saw the benefits given to the end users and the company offering them, and then he thought, why not go into this profile and be a part of that coming, which will change and shape the next 10-30 years of the Indian and global economy?

Amrit’s day-to-day work as an SDR

What sales are about is informing a client about what products identifying what products can help a person, solve the need that they currently have, and whether or not your company’s product solves that need if it solves them through various channels, whether talking to them on LinkedIn or using other social media and engaging them in a conversation informing them so that they came and talk to you as a product company and ultimately signing with you as a SaaS subscriber. 

What does Amrit get from being an SDR?

Regarding career growth, the base salary is a lot higher; that is what Zohort talked about; a lot of earlier batch candidates got to know three examples doing the same thing and even having better tools to do it. They got two to three jumps in salaries, and that is at the sky is the limit in what you can earn and the value that you can deliver in the Indian economy and globally also going forward. Says Amrit.

Amrit’s experience with Zohort

He was just looking to enter the SaaS by himself and applying to different jobs even before knowing about Zohort. Somehow those transactions were not going through because they have a lot of applications, they dont know how to process through, and the response was very delayed even sometimes a month and a half later after you apply that is not somebody if you want to plan your career its a very lot of time to respond.

  • When Zohort came to him, they said they had a structured program to tell him the SaaS industry and what he would be expected to do as an SDR daily.
  • When he enrolled, it was just six weeks parallelly to your job; the schedules and lectures are very good, and you can ask any questions to the mentors.
  • The mentors were very good people, said Amrit; they helped him understand a lot of things when he had doubts and when he went to the interview, many companies exceeded his expectations.
  • For most people who go through and become successful from Zohort, and for all of them, Zohort almost always exceeds expectations.
  • You’ll be better trained than what you will be expected for the job; you will have knowledge of more tools or more ways of doing things than a typical company wants.
  • Zohort trains you for almost everything that may be required for the job in any company, and your company would want a subset for that.

“I  am very happy from the training I got from Zohort and peers and the peer learning that I got at Zohort and continue to get a mentorship from Zohort,” says Amrit. 

Was SDR role alien to Amrit before joining Zohort

He answered that question from the point of view of somebody who is about to go and give an interview to a prospective company. 

  • He said three to four things, researching the company’s product and what is the ideal customer persona. Every company wants to know down running in terms of being an SDR, so the first part helps you to understand the product and the ideal customer.
  • The second part helps you understand how to reach out to prospects and talk to them and how to use various tools to reach out to them from Linkedin or other things.
  • He learned great tool outplay from Zohort and a few others for different LinkedIn reach out, list building and talking to the customers like cold callings and do the entire depth breath of how to do about it and three-four different methods of going in which companies expect.
  • Zohort would give him more than enough, and if he had any questions, they helped him a lot to understand.
  • Zohort gives a lot of live classes and content to go through the videos so you can learn them in detail; that helps a lot for the interview process and learning how to be an SDR once you get the job.

Amrit’s advice for everyone

“The only thing that SaaS requires is the logical bent of mind; some people are a little afraid that they dont know about SaaS or sales; this is business to business selling.”

Rather than overpromise and lie, you will tend to under-promise so that you can impress your client once they are working with you, and that is how you retain those relationships over a very long period of time. That is how you become profitable.

Zohort gives him that base range, something from five plus you can expect, quite a lot of them. He thinks; that currently, they are in jobs that are stressful and compared to the talent that they have underpaid.

Some people are like, it’s not possible, I dont know anything that you can study, and it gives you 40-50 hike just after going through a six weeks course, but what the potential for sales is that is something that you can only experience once you have gone through it and receive that yourself.

When he also read that testimonial, he thought it was impossible, but he has gone through it, and his friends and family have also gone through the program.

He thinks one can do a great job in tech sales after the training from Zohort. The tech sales industry is so fast that there is a lack of talent compared to the demand, so it’s a great time and sector to be in and start your career.

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