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Zohort Story: Malavika’s New Journey With Zohort

Hello readers! Here is another Zohort story for you all. 

Zohort helps fresh graduates and Job-Seekers to have a successful and fulfilling career in Tech Sales. They aim to provide best-in-class tech sales education while enabling tech companies with the most skilled talent pool in the market. Zohort provides a 6-week intense training program which industry experts do, and they train you on the fundamentals of B2B SaaS sales.

For another story of Zohort grads, we have Malavika Vemulapalli; she is a recent Zohort graduate. She was placed with Questionpro within a week of graduating from Zohort. Let’s learn more about Malavika with Khushi Bhutani from the Zohort team. 

A brief introduction of Malavika

Malavika is a recent Zohort graduate working in Questionpro as an Account Executive(AE). She got placed with Questionpro within a week of graduating from Zohort.

Malavika’s experience before joining Zohort.

Before joining Zohort, Malavika was working for a lead generation company and wanted to level up her career; that’s why she joined Zohort. She was outsourced as an SDR to multiple companies.

What intrigued Malavika’s interest in the Software sales profile?

Building and maintaining communication and relationships for SDRs goes a long way, and Zohort has helped build her foundation relations in sales. She has been pretty good at communicating, problem-solving, and maintaining healthy relationships with people, so that’s why it’s a good step.

Benefits of joining the SaaS industry

“Since it’s a booming industry, it is always good in terms of money.”

  • SDRs make a lot of money, and SaaS companies give great incentives, which is always good.
  • The whole point is that SaaS industries are a little bit difficult, but it is easier to penetrate because you have one thing, and it’s easier to do compared to another industry, so it’s a good starting point.

What are the things that Malavika likes and tolerates about the profile?

The one thing she tolerates is the amount of rejection she gets.

So as she has been in the industry, there have been days where you get a lot of rejection, and that’s not nice, she said.

  • Daily in her lead generation company, they got people who get tired of the number of calls they get, but she gets through them because once she has a proper conversation with someone worth it, she brushes it off; that’s the kind of attitude a sales SDR person should have. 
  • Brush off the rejections because you will get a connection with someone that will be worth it.

Malavika’s long-term goal in the B2B industry

Malavika is looking for leadership in sales right now. 

  • She joined Zohort because even though she was an SDR, she didn’t have a foundation in sales; Malavika did not study sales or economics or any business development courses in college. 
  • Zohort helped her and gave her that foundation to level up her career, and now she is an Account Executive(AE) at Questionpro making end-to-end sales.

Elaborate on your profile as an AE for the audience to understand it better

She is an Account Executive(AE) for the Canadian market at Questionpro and makes end-to-end sales, whether inbound or outbound.

  • Inbound sales begin when a lead comes from a potential customer reaching out to your organization to inquire about a product or service.
  • Outbound sales often include cold calling, email marketing, social selling, and other forms of contacting people to create leads instead of waiting for leads to come to them.

Different outreach channels that Malavika uses

“Any channel that gets her a lead is her favorite outreach channel.”

Contrary to the belief that cold calls are not a good practice, she loves cold calls because she often gets good at connecting and can convert a customer into warm, so cold calls always have a special place in her heart.

Malavika’s experience with Zohort

“It been wonderful,” said Malavika

  • She got the foundation she was searching for with Zohort; if you find yourself stuck in any area, Zohort offers a community of SDRs since the work is so creative and requires you to think outside the box.
  • Zohort has created a community where you can get help from mentors even after you graduate from the course, and they are always ready to help. That kind of community is very important. Zohort mentors are always ready to help in any possible way.

Malavika’s word of advice for those who are coming into the SaaS industry

“It’s an exciting and amazing industry with a lot of money.”

  • Firstly, you should join Zohort if you are going to join the SaaS industry because you need that kind of foundation; you think that you know it, but Zohort gives you that extra stamp.
  • It’s not just kickstarting; it’s about the whole journey. She has met VPO salespeople who need that refresher course; Zohort offers that too. Even if mainly for SDRs, it’s just about discussing sales; it’s changed over the year. So it’s always nice to refresh it and keep going.  



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