B2B tech sales challenges

How to overcome common B2B tech sales challenges?

B2B tech sales or Business to Business sales have become prominent with time. It trades between two businesses, the one serving and the one having the service. This is in contrast to the Business Consumer or B2C services. With the online world at its peak, the B2B business has been one of the most beneficial. This requires a highly talented team because sales in technology are no game. 

Sales are the work of professionals, and it is very important to have the right people working for you if you are involved in tech sales. To have a perfect recipe for a good sales business, one of the most important components is the person working. We at Zohort are working towards fulfilling the B2B tech sales challenges that might be faced in B2B tech industries. 

5 Challenges to Overcome in B2B Tech Industry

There are many challenges in B2B industries. Some of them can be tracked and tackled using the right paths. Here are the five major challenges a B2B Tech industry must overcome to achieve its goals. 

Finding and Retaining Talent

Recruitment is very hectic when you do not get the right pool of talent to match the job profile. Finding and retaining talents is one of the tech industry’s biggest challenges in B2B sales. To overcome this challenge, we at Zohort allow you to have the perfect match as required. Graduates from Zohort can help you increase your sales. Intense training in which graduates go through various live virtual sessions by industry experts, along with practical learning through case studies and assignments and mentorship sessions for constant feedback and upskilling, make the graduates a perfect match for the B2B tech sales industry. 

Lack of knowledge of different tools 

The most prevalent problem in today’s sales tech industry is that the people looking for this job do not have the required knowledge in the field. Different software tools are used to facilitate the growth of an organization. Like, one must know about Lusha, Zoho, Salesforce

LinkedIn sales navigator and Outplay. Still, due to a lack of knowledge of such tools, it becomes difficult for companies to hire a person. But Zohort graduates are different because they are well trained in all fundamentals of SaaS terminology. So it becomes easier for the industry to have the right talent pool. 

Competing With the Noise

Tech sales is a broad area where a person employed should have basic skills like communication skills. Small things make people different from others. One must have verbal and written communication skills in this tech sales industry. Email plays an important role while communicating with a customer. But nowadays, people lack the skills to frame a well-structured email. At Zohort, the graduates will be mastered such tasks. They will know how to draft an email, a well-structured one, and how to do cold calling, perhaps the most important part of tech sales. So, Competing with the noise becomes an easy task for a Zohort graduate.  

Structured Approach

Planning and organizing things accordingly makes things easy. Like in any other industry, in tech sales, a well-structured approach is very important if you are looking toward the growth of your organization. We at Zohort allow the students to gain knowledge about dynamic things. And thus, the Zohort graduate can formulate the problem and get the solutions, the structured ones. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Knowing things and applying the same in the field are two different things. Zohort provides comprehensive training modules and organizes workshops that give graduates a good idea about how the tech sales industry works. Sales and marketing alignment is a must if you want to see the overall growth of your organization. Having ideas about this industry and its working, Zohort graduates are well known for getting things working out.  


The present tech sales industry faces several hindrances in its path toward success. We at Zohort are working towards bridging such gaps between the students and companies. Today most of the challenges are about lack of knowledge and students not being up to date regarding the development in the tech sales industry. Zohort looks forward to helping the industry find the perfect match for its services.  

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