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How can Zohort help you become an SDR?

If you are a college graduate, an early B2B professional, etc. but want a career as an SDR, you should know what it takes to become one. SDR is the first point of contact in the journey of Tech Sales. An SDR is supposed to contact potential clients, approach them and qualify or disqualify leads based on their interest levels in the marketing campaign. After several conversations with the clients and numerous follow-ups is when a lead finally agrees to convert.

Becoming an SDR comes as a challenge but embarking on this journey with Zohort is a breeze. Zohort enables job-seekers and graduates to get one step ahead in their Tech Sales career. The platform does not merely make individuals capable of seeking jobs but helps them ace the SDR job post. Check out the article to learn how an average learner can become a potential SDR.

How Does Zohort Enroll Candidates in its Training Program?

Every organization and business firm performs a series of interviews to recruit team members. Likewise, Zohort has a comprehensive method of selecting potential candidates for its self-learning program. For starters, you must fill out the application form on the official website

An initial screening round is conducted where the Team checks out your resume,  profile, background, etc. If you qualify for the eligibility criteria of this round, the Team will notify you further. You must pass through several stages to become a Zohort Grad and begin your journey as an SDR.

How does Zohort create Successful SDRs?

Tutoring individuals about the fundamentals of B2B Sales can be intimidating. But platforms like Zohort enable newbies to become B2B experts via their training programs. Their experts design a chronological process to provide students with a personalized learning experience. The program covers every detail of an SDR’s job and includes the practical application of theoretical concepts. Here is how Zohort, as a training platform, generates promising SDRs in the B2B market: 

1. Career Opportunities

Exploring what career option would be the best for an individual is a significant first step. Plenty of new career prospects are emerging each day. SDR is a unique job profile, and very few people know about it. Of the very few platforms or individuals that hold expertise in Tech Sales, one platform is Zohort

From counseling to placements, Zohort offers every opportunity for candidates to become successful SDRs. The team has a tie-up with over 50 SaaS companies that hire early sales professionals with and without B2B experience. Zohort also provides placement assistance to learners. All candidates are groomed to crack the interview process by appearing in mock interviews and numerous assignments. 

2. The Training Program

The training period significantly determines whether an individual can sustain as an SDR. The intense B2B Sales training program at Zohort offers one-on-one guidance from industry experts. Learners are briefly introduced to the B2B industry in the first milestone. The next one is all about making distinctions between B2B and B2C. 

The third module is dedicated to inbound lead qualification and introduction to outbound qualification, tools, and systems. While the fourth milestone trains individuals in campaign designing and writing cold emails, the fifth milestone focuses on objection handling and cold calling. The sixth and final module builds a social selling, LinkedIn, and SDR mindset among the learners.

 3. Additional Skillsets 

Alongwith teaching the basics of Tech Sales and the SaaS industry, Zohort trains learners in some additional skills. These include lead scoring, maintaining good client relationships, outbound prospecting, etc. Zohort not only focuses on the core areas but also makes it a point to train individuals in soft skills. Time management, persistence, negotiating tricks, calmness, and a constant urge to attain success are skills you learn while becoming an SDR with this platform. 

Alongside these skills, Zohort offers mock test series and mock interviews. Zohort also teaches each learner the art of preparing a resume and CV. This simple step, if followed rightly, will help you get a huge advantage over other competitors.

4. Placement Drives

The placement process is a decisive point that can alter the course of a job seeker’s life. Zohort not only provides mock tests and interviews in its long, self-learning curve but also enables learners to grab their desired jobs. Zohort has partnered with several reputed SaaS companies and organizations. It allows learners to bag internships and participate in the placement process of renowned companies like Interface, Haptik, Almabase, LogiNext, Skit, Good Meetings, and Ameyo, among others. Sitting for placements is the final step; once you ace it, you will be a career-ready Sales Development Representative.

Final Thoughts 

The career opportunities emerging in the marketplace are all fast-paced. You need to brush up on your hidden talents to cope with them. Tonnes of skill sets and qualifications are expected from an SDR, even at the entry-level. So, if you are considering opting for Sales Development Representative as a career, Zohort is the platform for you. With Zohort at your rescue, you can rest assured of receiving the ultimate training and bagging excellent placements. Kickstart your journey of becoming a successful SDR with Zohort, and achieve several milestones.

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