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Zohort Story: Anika’s New Journey With Zohort

Welcome to the second Zohort story. 

For those new to Zohort,  Zohort is the nation’s first platform that helps people accelerate their sales careers and realize their true potential. They aim to provide best-in-class tech sales education while enabling tech companies with the most skilled talent pool in the market. Zohort provides a 6-week intense training program which industry experts do, and they train you on the fundamentals of B2B SaaS sales.

For another story of Zohort grads, we have Anika Batra. She is from Delhi. She graduated last year with a few months of experience. Let’s know more about Anika and how she started her journey from Zohort.

Anika’s life before SaaS.

Anika graduated last year because she was sure she always wanted to start a journey in the sales field only; why sales? Because sales keep her motivated and push her out of her comfort zone.

  • First, she started her journey in the B2C industry and worked with an Ad tech. She worked with them for quite a few months. Anika wanted to transition to B2B sales.
  • She didn’t know how to; she also applied for the SDR role in multiple SaaS companies, but all needed a minimum of 1-2 years of experience. Zohort helped her start her B2B software sales career through its intense 6-week training.

She didn’t know anything in detail; she just knew a few things because some of her seniors from college were just starting their journey as SDRs; she learned from them and then explored Zohort. Zohort helped her to look forward to her journey.

What does an SDR profile look like, and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Anika likes to stay organized and has structured herself really well.

  • She got an opportunity with the company to work with the North American region, so she starts her day early, has morning meetings with her teammates, and strategies the day. She plans her day accordingly to what accounts to reach out to and who is the target audience for the day. 
  • Her day generally is a healthy mix of different outreach channels like email, cold calling, and LinkedIn outreach.

Considering the North American, what channels work best for – cold calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, or any other channels you use?

“It depends on the prospective customer,” she said. 

For her, LinkedIn reach out is working quite nicely compared to cold calls or emails, but cold calls are also good enough; from LinkedIn reach out, she gets the maximum response.

What kind of opportunities are there in SaaS sales?

 “SaaS is booming day by day. SaaS has plenty of opportunities right now.”

If you’re starting as an SDR, you have a long way to go; you can become a senior SDR or an SDR manager. If you want to go into AE, you can take that part also. It’s completely up to you. Starting from an SDR, you have a huge scope. You can go and grow in any area”.

What were your key takeaways from Zohort?

Zohort helped her learn exactly what SaaS is and how to do emails because an SDR majorly has to do emailing, cold calls, and LinkedIn reach out. 

Zohort taught her everything, from the qualification process to how to reach out to professionals. She proudly mentioned, “Zohort has been a big help for her.”

Advice from Anika for freshers looking to start their careers in SaaS.

If you are a fresher who loves making sales and think you know sales is your career path and if you want to grow in sales, starting as an SDR would be a good opportunity for you because SaaS is booming. It would help you reach heights because by starting an SDR, you can grow exponentially.



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