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Zohort Story: Madhur Arora’s Journey With Zohort

Hello, readers! Here is another Zohort story for you all.

Zohort is a digital SaaS sales platform that helps people with non-SaaS background transition or starts their careers in B2B SaaS sales, also known as software sales or tech sales. With 6- weeks of the intense training program by industry experts, they train you on the basics of B2B SaaS sales fundamentals and 6-week of complete practical learning.

Madhur Arora has transitioned from the unorganized B2C sector into B2B SaaS sales and is now working as the SDR at Skit.ai. Let’s look at the exciting interview of Madhur with Richa Bahl, Co-Founder of Zohort.

A brief introduction of Madhur

Madhur is a Zohort graduate working as an SDR at Skit

  • Madhur Arora is from Sonipat, Haryana, and was enrolled in one of the first few batches by Zohort.
  • He worked as a Field Sales Manager in the publishing industry for two years.
  • Before joining Zohort, he thought he should move into more growth and an organized sector that met his financial and personal aspects.

Madhur’s day-to-day life and a key area where he focuses

According to Madhur, for anybody who wants to work in a performance-based and growth-oriented place, sales is the place for you because revenue is the main thing that drives the businesses ahead. You’re doing most of the business if you’re getting the revenue. He divides his day into three parts which are planning, research, and implementation:

  • Planning includes the accounts to reach out to and the persona to touch on today.
  • The study covers everything related to finding decision-makers and stakeholders to contact and researching the precise point.
  • You can approach them to alleviate a pain point for them if you are aware of the business that counts that corporation.
  • Implementation includes connecting with or reaching out to prospective customers through different channels like cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn to build relationships and achieve my KPI of scheduling demos.
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Which channel do you use more for your audience? – Cold calls or Emails?

In Madhur’s scenario, it is more of cold calls because they are less ignorable and more personalized, and you get to make a good connection with the person rather than email. Once you call somebody, they might reject you once or twice, but if you call them after a regular interval, they’ll listen to you.

For Madhur, cold calls work more than other channels, but he works both ways; when he makes the calls, he also sends emails side by side. It makes a good connection.

Was SaaS world alien to Madhur before joining Zohort?

“It was completely alien to me,” said Madhur.

But he always wanted a place where he could learn something new and grow every day, which he lacked in his previous work experience.

  • Zohort helped him to understand a lot about different businesses. Zohort upgraded his knowledge about the companies’ pain points, work culture, and how to handle customers.
  • Regular mentor sessions helped him feel more confident about his profile and the industry.

Madhur’s experience with Zohort

“It was a great experience, said Madhur. It’s just like the course prepares you for the battle you must face in the next chapter of your life.”

  • The course includes mentorship sessions, assignments, and interview preparations. In Madhur’s point of view, interview preparations are the best in Zohort. 
  • He had two mock interviews before getting into the placement process, which doubled up his confidence because people like him who don’t come from a technical background always have so many questions like whether they’ll be able to get a job in the software company or not, these kinds of doubts are also covered up during the course. 
  • The doubts you may have had about your ability to handle entering a technical environment were all answered by Zohort. That is the benefit of the course.

Madhur’s advice for everyone

If you are growth-oriented and want to grow at a very fast pace with a better career and culture, then this is the right time to switch, said Madhur.

This is the right time to apply to Zohort and do the course; when once Madhur was talking to the HR in his company, he told him that when they hire from Zohort, it reduces one or two steps in the interview selection criteria, so it makes the process easier for the company and the candidate also as well so this the very big benefit in Zohort.

So there, you have a chance of landing a job within a week or two, and if you want to switch, it takes a lot of courage and guts, but in Zohort, you get prepared within 6-weeks, and you become confident enough to go and hit the ground.

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